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Kameko by peachbriers Kameko by peachbriers
Haha, here's my TMNT fancharacter Kami... FINALLY OTL xD

Name: CME-008 (Kameko)
Nicknames: Kami, Kam
Age: 15
Nationality: American(?)
Hometown: Manhattan, New York
Current Residence: New York sewers
Occupation: Kameko is studying ninjutsu, and training to be a ninja with the rest of the TMNT
Parents' Jobs: N/A
Talents/Skills: Kami is very creative, and is constantly making up stories in her head. She has a knack for remembering small (and sometimes crucial) details, and is pretty good at playing the piano and painting portraits. She's small and flexible, and is a reasonably good listener.
Birth order: First and only (known to her)
Parents (describe relationship): Kameko considered her creator (Doctor Edmund Billings) a father-like figure, until she was able to understand her situation. Billings's assistants Jason McBride and Neva Crown were like secondary parents, helping her out for a while until she met the TMNT.
When Kami was found by Miyamoto Usagi in the streets, she was almost half dead with exhaustion and pain (from running and escaping and all that crap) so she didn't remember him until she was 15 and having weird flashbacks of her past. She greatly respects him and her ultimate goal is to be able to repay him someday. He is more of an uncle to her than a father.
Kameko deeply respects Master Splinter, and sees him as more of a fatherly figure than Billings or Usagi. She hopes he can accept her as a daughter eventually (which he mostly has).
Siblings (describe relationship): Kami considers the guys her brothers, though she's a bit timid at first.
Leonardo--Kameko admires his skills as a ninja, and appreciates the things he does to make her feel at home when she comes to live with them. She enjoys training with him, but dreads sparring with him (because he knows she's good and isn't afraid to hit her xD) She loves his company and loves him as a brother (:
Donatello--Kami's almost in awe of his 'smart skills,' and has made a personal goal to be as smart as him someday. She likes to watch him work, and has dabbled in inventing alongside him but quickly lost patience xD She enjoys sparring with him, as she finds her weapon (segmented staff) is a challenge to work with against the bo.
Raphael--Kami admires Raphael as a brother and a ninja, but had trouble connecting with him when she first came to live with the guys and Splinter. He was very distant and distrustful for a long time, but opened up after she saved his shell in an incident with Hun. She thinks he's a great sparring partner, though his temper scares her sometimes. They're very close, and like watching movies and training together.
Michelangelo--Mike was Kam's first friend when she first came to live with the guys. He played games with her, taught her some nunchuck skills, and basically played protective big brother (they all do sometimes xD). They love cooking together and he loves listening to her tell stories and play piano. They sometimes have a late night playing video games together xD

Relationship skills: Kameko has a very sweet nature, once you've gained her trust. If someone seems like a threat, Kami will immediately close up and become unsociable. She loves making new friends, but it takes a little while to become close with her. At a first meeting, she will politely greet anyone non-threatening, and make small talk until the conversation dies. Then it gets awkward, and she becomes embarrassed. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, though some alone time is not unwelcome. She's never had the chance to experience romantic love (and is rather naive in that department), but has a deep sister/brother love relationship with the guys, and respects and loves Usagi and Splinter as uncle and father figures.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 410
Weight: 145lbs (including shell)
Build: short, chunky-ish(haha), curvy
Species: Mutant turtle/mammalian hybrid (Was originally a small turtle to be experimented on, but fell into the OOOOOZE in an accident involving a lab fire. After being rescued by Doctor Edmund Billings, she was given a series of injections to make her more human over a time period of 10 years, giving her mammalian traits such as breasts, though these are unseen and under her plastron.)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: N/A
Glasses or contact lenses? N/A
Distinguishing features: Kam is very short compared to the average human, though only 3 or 4 inches shorter than the rest of the TMNT. Her eyes are a dark, melty brown. Her skin is a darker green than Leo's, but lighter than Raph's. It's a closer color to Mikey's skin, thought not quite the same. It has olive tints in it, and darker spots, or 'freckles' (as Mikey calls them) on her shoulders and hips/thighs. She also has a mark of the same colour running down from her left eye to her cheek, from an unknown accident. Kami has multiple tiny scars on both arms from a series of injections given to her in Billings's lab as a child, though they are mostly unnoticeable. r She has two fingers and one thumb on each hand, and two large toes on each feet. Each of these have no nails, just a slightly darker area where they would be. On her back is a large, grey-green/olive coloured shell. It has a regular hexagonal pattern, and a few nicks in it from various fights and scraps. Her plastron is slightly deformed, being V-shaped at the top and rounded at the bottom.
Mannerisms: Kameko is a generally calm and collected, though she can get a bit wild after consuming certain foods, thanks to a low sugar/Caffeine tolerance. She tends to point her toes inward when standing still, and will assume this position and bite her right thumb when nervous, anxious or deep in thought. When in ready stance for a fight, she brings one fist a bit too close to her jaw. She breathes very quietly, and often used this as an advantage to play dead in Billings's lab. She also walks lightly, but slouches when she sits. Her laugh is slightly obnoxious, but it manages to sound 'cute,' and is fairly loud.
Habits: Kam has made a habit of tidying up any messes around her, and likes to arrange things according to colour. She also enjoys playing a soft piece on piano before going to bed, and makes lunch every Friday, just for fun. Sometimes she'll drag one or two of the guys in there to help, and they always have a good time. She also fell into the habit of waking up fairly early (not as early as Leo though xD) to practice working with her segmented staff, and more often than not takes a shower afterwards.
Hobbies: Kami loves to play piano, and is always looking for an opportunity to learn a new piece. She also enjoys painting, though this is not a frequent hobby. Kam loves to make up stories in her head, and tell them to the boys and Splinter at dinner. She also likes watching Don work and fix things, and has always been fascinated by robotics, though she lacks the skills, knowledge and patience to learn about them xD She enjoys singing, though her voice is a bit second-rate. The guys don't long as she doesn't sing TOO loud xD
Favorite Sayings: N/A
Style: Mostly simple and comfortable, sometimes something cute or fashionable (influenced by Neva). Most of the time (when not wearing ninja training gear xD) you can see her wearing a hoodie and t-shirt or sweatshirt and slippers X3 Because of her large shell, she is forced to cut out a large hole in the back of any tops, and has to get any pants a few sizes too big.
Greatest flaws: Though she is very strong, Kam doesn't have the best speed, which can be very risky in a fight. She loves to spar and train, but when running or in a real life situation, she sometimes gets a step behind her partner. She almost always comes up with a creative way to retaliate, but still needs to work on running and agility (though she is very flexible). She also tends to overthink things, and worries about the smallest of issues. Her senses of taste and smell are slightly dulled (because of a chemical accident in the lab), and she tends to drop one side of her segmented staff when flustered in a match. She can be very self conscious, and can be naive at times.
Best qualities: Kameko is a caring and understanding girl who loves to have fun, and is a good listener to those who really need a friend. She is exceptionally strong, and is very dedicated to her ninjutsu training. She also tries to like learning new things, and is particularly skilled at activities done with the hands (ex: piano, weaponry, painting).

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Educational Background: Kameko had no formal education, but Billings taught her how to read and write, and had Jason teach her how to play piano as a test of memory skills and learning capacity. Kam continues to learn every day, though she has about 0 skills in the math department xD She a frequent reader, and has legible handwriting.
Intelligence Level: Average intelligence
Any Mental Illnesses?: Due to spending the majority of her childhood in a dog cage, Kameko has developed a small bit of claustrophobia, nothing serious though.
Character's short-term goals in life: Don't get killed, don't get found by Billings, memorize the Sugar Plum Waltz on the piano, stay away from the Foot and the Purple Dragons, stay in contact with Miyamoto Usagi.
Character's long-term goals in life: Complete ninja training, master segmented staff, learn to use other weapons decently, eventually see Billings's demise (whether she kills him or not).
How does Character see himself/herself?: Kam sees herself as a normal teenage mutant ninja turtle just trying to stay alive and train; she believes the team could do without her, and that she sometimes slows them down. When she learns she was created by mistake, she becomes depressed and her self-esteem goes down by a whole lot, but she eventually realizes she does have a family and friends who love her, and she feels like a real part of the team.
How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others?: Kami thinks others see her as a little sister: annoying at times, but fun to have around and tease. She hopes they like her and love her, and she wishes that someday they'd admire her, but she's content with their big-brotherliness xD
How self-confident is the character?: Kameko is fairly confident in herself, though she may not always seem so. If she screws something up, she'll be embarrassed, but she'll most likely laugh it off.
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: Kami seems to be mostly ruled by her emotions. She is friendly and mostly happy, but when she is angry or depressed (rarely) she is completely, totally, all out .
What would most embarrass this character?: Kameko would be most embarrassed by messing something up, or someone telling her she was doing something wrong; she'd also probably be embarrassed (or possibly angry xD) if someone went out of their way to outdo her. She also thinks someone listening to her sing is really embarrassing.
In addition to this, she hates being asked about her past and her scars and the nicks on her shell, mostly because she can't explain half of them.

Emotional Characteristics

Strengths: Calm(-ish xD), caring, friendly, happy, outgoing, daring, musical, strong
Weaknesses: Naive, runs on emotions, loud, annoying (sometimes)
Introvert or Extrovert?: Extrovert
How does the character deal with anger?: Typically yells at who/whatever made her mad, beats up Raph's punching bag, or writes down a creatively gory demise to whatever upset her (then she rips it up and burns it xD).
With sadness?: Depends. If it's something little, she'll try to ignore it and maybe be a little distant for a while. If it's something bigger, she might start crying right then and there, and later become depressed, depending on the situation.
With conflict?: Kami doesn't like to see her loved ones fighting, so if Leo and Raph or any of the other guys are arguing, she'll punch them both in the face and tell them to shut up (when she's really crying and begging them to stop in her mind xD).
With change?: It usually depends on how big the change is. Mostly she'll embrace the change and run head on into it.
With loss?: Kam doesn't deal well with loss. She'll gradually become so depressed that even Mikey's jokes can't cheer her up. She'll come around eventually, but maybe be a tad more serious for a while.
What does the character want out of life?: To stay alive, to stay away from Billings, to be happy with her family, and to complete her ninja training.
What would the character like to change in his/her life?: Kam would probably like to erase some of her memories, and be able to remember her fuzzy past with Miyamoto Usagi.
What motivates this character?: Kami is motivated by her 'brothers,' and she looks up to all of them. She wants to be as smart as Donny, as strong as Raph, as cool as Mikey and as good a ninja as Leo.
What frightens this character?: Kameko has a slight case of claustrophobia. Needles, dogs, passing out and burning herself are also scary to her.
What makes this character happy?: Kami loves being with her family, training, and playing piano always cheers her up. Being up top always helps her think and somehow manages to lift her spirits (:
Is the character judgemental of others?: Kam can sometimes jump to conclusions, but mostly waits to meet somebody first.
Is the character generous or stingy?: Kameko is very helpful and kind, but sometimes avoids helping out those she doesn't know or like. She doesn't usually have money, but when she does, she'll give a quarter to every homeless person she sees on the street.
Is the character generally polite or rude?: Kam's mostly a polite person. She isn't one to cuss, but she'll substitute a bad word with 'shell' when needed. She doesn't start fights, but she will finish them. She often teases her older 'brothers.'

Colour: Yellow
Food: Pizza and waffles
Drink: Sanpellegrino Limonata~
Music genre: Classical, hard rock
Movie genre: Animated, mystery

Weapon of choice: Triple-segmented staff (2 kunai for range/back up)

Brief history: CME-008 was originally just a regular turtle, brought to a secret lab in Manhattan by Doctor Edmund Billings to be cut open and experimented on. Jason McBride was a nobody in the lab who'd found a canister of green ooze in the junkyard, and he'd brought it back for study. A sudden lab fire caused the building to collapse, and the turtle (named Creative Mutation Experiment number 008) crawled into the broken canister. Billings came back the next day to find his lab burned to the ground, and a 2 foot turtle sitting in the rubble! Once he'd constructed a new lab (with Jason McBride and Neva Crown as his only assistants), he took CME-008 and kept her in a dog cage as she grew. Over a period of 12 years, he gave her injections and ran tests, keeping her a secret from the outside world, and keeping the outside world a secret from her. One day, she decided to get out of the cage. No reason, just an impulse. She was much smarter than when she was created, and had developed the power of speech and could walk on 2 legs. She got into a bit of trouble with Billings on the way out, but she bit him, ran away, and hid in a dumpster outside. He couldn't find her, but swore he would, and that he would kill her. "I was only trying to protect you! You don't understand!" were the words she left him with. He was right, she was totally lost. She was mesmerized by Manhattan though, and left to go exploring. She was discovered all too soon by a group of drunk teenagers and their dog who chased her down an alley and beat her for all she was worth. 008 was lucky she had been in this alley, and not any other. Just as one of the older guys was about to sic his dog on the half-dead turtle, Miyamoto Usagi came through the brick wall portal, on his way to visit Master Splinter. He saw 008, and, assuming it was one of the TMNT, rushed in to save her, and battled the teens, driving them and their dog away with his sword and words of honour. He brought the girl to the Turtle's lair in the sewers, where he quickly discovered this was a 5th turtle! He named her Kameko, meaning 'turtle child' in Japanese (his own language), and stayed with her in the sewers until she was fully recovered. The guys quickly accepted her (except for Raphael), and she lived with them as a sister and friend.

There's more to her story (like the time she saved Raph's life :trollface: ) but that'll have to wait for another time ^^

TMNT, Splinter, Usagi (C) Nickelodian
Kameko (C) Me
Art (C) Me
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